How I Stay Focused

Prayer: The Way to Clarity

I pray to get focused and to stay focused. Prayer helps me sift through the clutter that is in my mind at any given moment. I might start with a little devotion in quite time by reading a few passages of "The Book," then ask specific questions directed at my God Jehovah, through His Holy Spirit in the name of His precious Son Jesus the Christ and my Lord and Savior.

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Developing Our Hearts for God series

Understands the thoughts of-1Chron. 28:9; Psalm 139:2
These scripture verses show the excellent example of fatherhood and leadership. David is preparing his son Solomon for the sacred task of building the temple.
This is not just a mere engineering venture but a divine undertaking that demands purity of heart and sincerity. The manner in which Solomon’s heart is being developed is perfect for this lesson; development entails teaching and being taught. Grooming by an elder or teacher is a primary method to satisfactory development.
God understands our thoughts; therefore it stands to reason that He understands how to affect our thoughts in a way that will bear much good fruit from our lives.
What is also important about this scripture lesson is that motives do just that, they inspire our assumptions. God knows where our thoughts originate! He knows our secret desires, He knows our futures; consequently, He knows how we will respond to events that are approaching us from around the bend. He knows how strong or weak our response will be to that temptation that we are on a collision course with. David teaches that we must “seek Him” in order to be found by Him. Having a heart for God includes being accessible by His calling on our lives!
For example, the truth about life as a Christian can be seen in Psalm 139:2, God will sometimes seem “far away” but He is always with us; our bodies are temples of His Holy Spirit, this concept sheds light on the reference to His knowing our “down sitting and our uprising.” Developing a heart for God demands faith in Him even if it [seems] as if He is nowhere near when you need Him.
This scripture drives home the concept of faith and its vital role in the heart of the believer. All Christians are tested with dry seasons from time to time. Only by faith will the believer “endure until the end” of the test, or this life whichever happens first.