Is Ariel Sharon’s Death, A Signal of the Soon Return of Jesus Christ?

More confermations for believer’s and especially nonbelievers and those whose are unaware of these kinds of revelations that are ancient history and currant affairs/events.

We Wrestle Not With Flesh and Blood

Ariel Sharon Has Died, Late Jewish Rabbi Said Messiah Would Return After Former PM’s Death



Former Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, has died. One of the Jewish world’s most revered religious leaders, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, claimed just before his own death in 2006 that he was visited by the Messiah. According to Rabbi Kaduri, he was told that the Messiah would not return until after the death of Ariel Sharon. Kaduri also wrote a note revealing the name of the Messiah that was not to be opened until one year after his death. In 2007 the note was opened, spelling out Yehoshua as the name of the Messiah. The name of Yehoshua is theophoric (bearing the name of God) and is the longform version of the Hebrew name of Yeshua (which means “salvation”), or Jesus in English. According to some, “Yehoshua” also means “YHWH’s Gift” …

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Human Relations In the Multicultural World

The Human Relations text teaches Human Relations and Leadership skills, Chapter two interests’ me because of its comparisons of technical skills versus Human relations.

cultural diversity

The text emphasizes the importance of realizing that technical skills are secondary to human relations. Other significant issues are that Global diversity is over emphasized and that in regards to leadership, and contrary to popular belief “leaders are more likely made versus being born with that capability.”

This adage, rather the text’s view of it is true for me in the sense that leadership was taught to me in my home as well as through the military and my church experiences and presently in school/college. Survey’s indicates that HR is actually rated higher than tech training among CEO’s; “66% of employees fired was because they failed to get along with people.”

What is important to me is that HR can be used immediately, in my home with my family, at work or school, whereas technical training takes time, money and possibly years of practice to acquire and develop it into a functional and profitable skill. The idea that technical training outweighs how people relate and communicate with one another is not surprising. So much effort is applied to gaining an edge on life through educating oneself that in day to day life the concept can actually become more pervasive than, say, one’s own “common sense.”

Lussier stresses the concept that HR is more than common sense. He says, “personal qualities make up 85% of the factors that affect job success.”

Furthermore, common sense does not always consider how important it is to be well versed in cultural differences and how important multiculturalism is to success in Human Relations. Common sense would not consider “global expansion, world wide suppliers, and customers, and the rapid changes in technology” either; the implication is that “HR happens in various capacities and cultures everyday” when one is in business.

Therefore, in order to become a “made” leader in today’s’ business environment Human Relations must be a priority to quell the myths which are: technical skills out weigh HR, common sense can make you successful in your job and business, or that global diversity is overemphasized.


The text also highlights how broad the cultural spectrum is and that HR is the bridge that spans the divide between cultures.
For example, culturalism includes consideration of communities such as LGBT, the elderly, adolescents, drug abusers etc.

Consequently, HR provides a format or springboard during interviews, job interviews, or clinical counseling environments, in which the counselor/ interviewer can (after developing the ability to connect multi-culturally) establish a trusting relationship with the client where that opportunity may not have been possible by using common sense or by communication over the internet or “YouTube” for example. Technical skills may provide a common interest but it can also alienate a non – tech savvy client. Human Relations are the conduits to connect to diverse cultures to successfully build win-win relationships.

HR photo

Finally, the significance of my take on the authors views are that my technical training will be greatly enhanced in counseling and much more effective in communicating my ideals and counseling techniques during interviews with other cultures and races rich and poor.

Lussier, R. N. Human Relations in Organizations: Applications and Skill Building, (8th ed.). (M.-H. Inc., Ed.) USA.

Where No Google Buses Go

Is this the new “American Way”?

Pueblo Lands

For every word written about the gentrification and displacement that is tearing San Francisco apart, there should be ten words written about the the poverty, environmental racism, and financial predation battering the smaller industrial cities of Contra Costa and Alameda counties. In suburban hinterlands north and east of Silicon Valley and San Francisco are the bankrupted municipalities of the Sacramento Delta and Carquinez Straight. We’re talking Stockton and Vallejo. Even closer are other cities devastated by the economic crisis, places like San Pablo, or Richmond from where you can see the rising skyline of San Francisco across the Bay, growing with towers of luxury apartments as it is.

Black and Latino residents have already been pushed to the fringes of San Francisco, both geographically and in the employment ranks of the new tech-centric economy. Fleets of Silicon Valley company buses that clog San Francisco’s streets picking up and dropping off…

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