The beginning of the end

Last Monday was my last class at the University of Bridgeport. I graduated “Cum Laude” in the Psychology program. I had applied myself consistently, and my efforts paid off in the end. I graduated at the bottom of the top of my class.

The Ideal program is the greatest opportunity for someone interested in excelling beyond their present situation. We had excellent adult discussions, the instructors take time to help and direct you. The school provides programs for extra help with studies and they are understanding in personal issues.

Of course this is a no nonsense opportunity, but what adult is going to spend the kind of money that it takes to further your education and play around in class?

If you are serious about making the best of opportunities, UB’s Ideal program is an excellent option.

Saturday, I walk the walk. I walk into a new future. And leave an old one behind. My eyes are on the UB Masters Human Services program. I can learn to help others and become proficient in the professional world too. Chaplaincy is now my long term goal, until then I will continue to keep my eye on Jesus who is the Lord of my life.