The Heart

What does God want you to know about your mind? Why is our mind referred to as ” The Heart” ? Read this article to gain insight into the Heart and why it is important to God that we know ourselves and our Hearts! (click link)


Character of the renewed Heart (series)

The Holy Spirit is an enigma. It is the person of the Trinity as scripture says that draws men to Him. I say it this way because people it seems do not recognize this fact.
What I am saying is that we have all experienced God through the Holy Spirit even before we actually became saved Christians. We were drawn to God; we did not bring ourselves to Him. Yes many if not most believers began their Christian journey by the stern admonition of strict but loving parentage.  (read full article click link below)


African Americans and Psychology in Our Schools

Our community is more than a bunch of different kinds of folks living together, our communities contain everything that we are.  Our families represent every hope, dream, fear, object of hate, every plan and evidence of preparation and experience for 3-4 generations.  This essay will enlighten you on America’s empetus into our community’s potential to succeed.  Click the link below to read the full article.