Is it okay?

Is it okay to make changes to something just because you have the right to? Is it right even if it causes problems for others?

Republicans  i.e.  educated politicians are dismantling affordable healthcare even though it is clearly a help to those who cannot afford health insurance in its present form.

Is it okay to put ourselves before those in need who actually depend on the educated and the rich for protection and provision.

I believe that the wealthy are more than able to meet their own needs and simultaneously provide a viable opportunity for those who are less financially secure citizens to work out a decent living for themselves also.

unfortunatly, I also believe in the “fall of man.” This concept explains the propensity of the wealthy to crumble under the pressure of greed and power.

I pray for our incoming leadership in government to be able to withstand the pull of temptation and indifference that will surely rear its ugly head to influence and destroy what good that’s already been done and what is possible in our future.



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